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In the Industry it is called Scalp Micropigmentation, 3D Scalp Pigmentation, hair tattoo, micro hair pigmentation or stubble tattoo. It all comes down to the same. In the US it already is an accepted alternative for wigs, hair pieces and hair transplantation. Moreover, it can be a great addition after hair transplantation.

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About Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Initially people often think about a tattoo, but there are differences in technique and the use of materials. Very small dots (microdots) are pigmented on the scalp with a very thin needle. These simulate a shaved scalp, where you can only see the stubbles. Also called a ‘shaven look’. A completely bald head, because of a disease such as Alopecia or because of chemo, can be solved. Even scars because of an accident or failed hair transplantations and bald spots can be camouflaged.

Over Scalpcontour

My challenge is to give the results of the treatment a natural appearance. You shouldn’t be able to see that the head is pigmented. You can achieve this by an optimal technique and a natural hairline that fits with the head/ face, in case the whole head needs to be treated. A treatment consists of 2 to 4 sessions each taking a few hours, depending on the area to be treated. Adter treatment, the pigment remains about 4 to 6 years. After this it can be touched up.




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