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Certified makeup artist

I have been a certified permanent makeup artist since January 2003. I have the necessary permits for this and have been approved by the GGD (municipal health service). In 2003, I also started giving demonstrations at the Beauty Salon Dimensions and the Beauty Trade Special in Utrecht. I started as demonstrator for the supplier Nouveau Contour. For this, I also travelled to Düsselforf. Currently, I give demonstrations to Ecuri and Majuba. I also teach. Everything I learn, I teach to students who want to know more about the art of permanent makeup.

My working location

Most of our treatments are performed in my own salon in landsmeer (region Amsterdam). However I also work on appointment in the beauty salon of Beaute Majorie in Wageningen, All Skins in Amsterdam and Palais des Cosmétiques in Amstelveen

Workshops I have attended

In Brussels I have learned a lot during the European Workshop SPCP Congress. Focusing on; the eyebrows, lips and areolas also known as nipple pigmentation. At the congress, the following speakers and demonstrations were there:

  • Elizabeth Finch-Howell – about Color Additives
  • Kathleen Ciampi – about Love lips
  • Debra Guastella – about Areola Tattooing
  • Lesley De Decker

Masterclasses I have attended

Masterclass about areolas/nipple pigmentation from Karen Betts speaking for Nouveau Contour.
Masterclass/Congress Permanent International Berlin. This included the following topics: eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, areolas and scalp pigmentation. Speakers on this day were:

  • Mario Gisbert
  • Linda Dixon
  • Dawn Forshaw
  • Samantha Jones
  • Anja Schollenberger
  • Sonja Laake
  • Rita Parente

Masterclass eyebrows and lips by Alina Soloveva.
Masterclass/Congress of Biotek eyebrows and lips with the speakers Anna Savina and Anya Zabolotnaya.
Masterclass PMU Greece. For more information, visit the website: www.pmugreece.com

Nienke Plas gets her eyebrows done


BeauSense in the media:

Look here for more videos of BeauSense in the media! You can see the vlog of Nienke Plas or Mandy Jelsma in Life is Beautiful, among other things.  Click here to see all videos.

Nice compliment of my client Sonja Silva:

“Recently I was approached by a very nice lady, when I was at my physiotherapist. ‘Can I take a closer look at your eyebrows, are they real??’ When I told her they were done with permanente makeup, she almost fell of her chair! ‘Wow! Your eyebrows are perfect’, she said! If that isn’t a compliment!!!”