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Do you have any questions about permanent makeup? Then check if you can find your question beneath. If you can’t find your question, you can always send us an email to ask the question or you can give us a call.

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Where can I find the salon?

The permanent makeup salon is Located in Landsmeer. If you are not familiar with the Landsmeer, here are some places near Landsmeer: Amsterdam, Zaandam, Volendam, Purmerend, Broek in Waterland, Marken, Monnickendam, Wormerveer and Edam.

Taking care of permanent makeup
  • Always wash your hands before you take care of the permanent makeup
  • Treat the pigmented spot 3 times a day with bepanthen ointment.
  • Don’t scratch the skin when it itches and don’t remove any crusts, because this causes the ink to leave the skin and lighter spots will appear because of this. The crusts should fall of by itself.
    The healing takes about one week.
  • Personal hygiene is essential during the healing of the skin.
  • When you follow the advice given above, your PMU will heal nicely. Is there any question that has not been answered yet? Call 06-52466418.
Lipliner with a cold sore?

A cold sore is caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. I will give the following advice for applying a lipliner. Start taking the dietary supplement L-Lysine and Vitamin C, one month before the first treatment. It is also necessary to take Vitamin C to enhance resistance. We also advice you to take the supplements after the follow-up treatment.

What should I definitally not do during the healing process?
  • No sauna, steam bath or swimming water.
  • No tanning bed, no sunbathing.
  • No makeup on the treated skin.
  • Do not scratch or rub the crusts, otherwise the pigment will be drawn from the skin.
  • No ordinary soap, facial cleanser on the pigmented area.
  • Do not touch the permanent makeup with your hands.
  • No skincare cream, aloe vera products, retine A & glycolic acids on the pigmented area.
  • First days no dirty activities.
How long does the healing proces of PMU take?

Directly after the treatment, the treated place may feel burning, this feeling will fade after a few hours. On average, it takes one week for the skin to heal completely. You will receive a aftercare form after the treatment.

Why permanent makeup?

There are lots of reasons to take permanent makeup: you exercise a lot, you don’t like spending much time on your makeup, you don’t have eyebrows, you have blond eyebrow and eyelash hairs, you don’t have any hairs because of a disease or chemotherapy treatment.

How do you choose the color?

First, I will look at what your color type is, warm or cool. Then I will look at your hair color, the color of your eyes and the color of your skin. I will also take your personal wishes into account. Because it’s very important that you get the right color, I am very careful about choosing the color that suits you.

How many sessions does the treatment take?

Applying eyebrows, lipliner and eyeliner consists of 1 or 2 treatments. The pigment that is placed into the skin during the first treatment, will lose about 30% of its color after one week. Therefore, it is important that you come for a follow-up treatment. In some cases the skin doesn’t absorb the pigment properly and a second treatment is necessary; every skin reponds differently.

How does the process of PMU work?

You shouldn’t drink alcohol or take an aspirin, 24 hours prior to the treatment. If you take blood thinners, you must report that to BeauSense. We advice you to take 2 paracetamol 1 hour before the treatment, to take away the sharpness of the treatment. Upon arrival, we will fill out a quistionnaire about your health togehther, you should answer truthfully, you will have to sign the quistionnaire. Next, I will determine what color type you are (warm or cold), what your wishes are and what colors suit you the best. After the treatment I will talk to you about the aftercare and I will make a follow-up appointment for a possible follow-up treatment. The treatment will take about 1,5 hours. The skin will be healed in about 7 days.