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Permanent makeup is suitable for people with very thin or irregular eyebrows. With the help of permanent makeup, the eyebrows can be corrected. It is also suitable for people with very light eyebrows or it can be used to perfect the eyebrows. Permanent makeup will save you a lot of time in the morning and you will always look perfect!

Permanent makeup for the eyebrows has different techniques:

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With the first technique, fine lines are scratched into the skin in the color and shape of the hairs and in the good hair growth direction. Once the harstroke technique is applied, you can hardly see which hairs are real and which ones aren’t. With this technique, the eyebrows are slightly translucent because you can still see the skin between the strokes. A follow-up treatment is recommended. After about 4 weeks a follow-up treatment is possible.


Besides, using the hairstroke and powder technique separately, a combination is also possible. When the hairstroke and powder technique are combined, the eyebrows will look very natural. First of all, hairs are applied with the hairstroke technique, then the powder technique is used to make the eyebrows appear fuller.


The following technique is mainly used to color the eyebrow. When one eyebrow is darker than the other, you can choose the powder technique to ensure that the eyebrows always have the same color. This is similair to an eyebrow pencil. This methos is especially good when the eyebrows only need to be perfected. Because the entire skin underneath the eyebrow is treated, after the skin is cured the color won’t be entirely even. After 4 weeks a follow-up treatment is required to fill the last light spots.



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