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Do you also want beautiful lips all the time? Do you miss a part of your lips or do you just not really like your own lips? Then permanent makeup is the solution! Permanent makeup for the lips is often used for older women. Over the years, the skin of the lips becomes thinner and the lips become paler. The shape of the lips can also change. Permanent makeup is used to correct the lips and give them color again. In addition, permanent makeup is also suitable for people with a hazel lip, who want to correct their lips.

Permanent makeup for lips has different techniques:

Lipliner - Before & After



With this technique, only a line is applied around the lips. This will put an extra emphasis on the lips. The lips can also be corrected with this technique. For the treatment, a color that naturally matches the lips is chosen, considering the color which you want to have your lips in. Often, a color that is slightly darker than the natural lip is chosen.

Shaded lipliner

With this technique, a normal lipliner is first applied. Then a shade is applied to the lipliner, to fade the transition between the line and the natural lip. The lips will look fuller. The lips won’t be fully colored with this technique.

Full lips

This technique is suitable for people with little color in the lips. The lips are completely colored. The lips get more color and will look fuller. For this technique a color that resembles the natural color of the lips is often chosen.



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