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Do you never want to put on that annoying eyeliner every morning? Or do you just want to look rested any time of the day? You should think about permanent makeup on the eyelid. You can decide if you want an eyeliner below or above, or maybe even below and above. For the treatment we often use the color black, but the eyeliner can also be done in gray, blue, etc. The pigments for the eyeliner is also applied between the eyelashes. With this treatment, the eyes can be brought in the right proportion in relation to the face.

After about 4 weeks after the eyeliner treatment, a follow-up treatment is required to ensure that the line is even on both sides.

Eyeliner - Results

Design line

A Design eyeliner, also known as an advanced eyeliner, is a slightly fuller and thicker eyeliner. Do you want the same eyeliner as Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot, the design liner is a good choice for you.

For the man

Permanent makeup is not only for women, men also have a thin eyeliner placed. Because of an eyeliner the focus will be on the eyes, and the eyes will speak more.



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