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Mandy Jelsma – Beausense

Safety & reliability

Together we will discuss which color pigments will be the most beautiful for you, in advance. The pigments that are used are under control of the Keuringsdienst van Waren (a dutch inspection service) and they are approved and safe. To apply permanent makeup, workmanship and reliable equipment is required. I work hygienically and always emphasize the importance of you, as a customer. I work with pigmentation equipment that is detailed, safe and reliable.

I have followed a solid and recognized education. Besides I am regularly educated in the latest insights and techniques in the field of permanent makeup. I follow several Masterclasses from the best specialists in the field of permanent makeup. Everything I learn is used in my treatments. Besides I also pass my knowledge on to my students who want to make permanent makeup their specialty.

Besides the treatments in my own salon, it is also possible to undergo a treatment in the beautysalon of Beaute MajoriePalais des Cosmétiques and Good Choice. In these salons, I only work by appointment. For an appointment or more information, please visit the website of the concerning salon.

Method of applicating permanent makeup

Permanent eyebrows with the hairstroke technique

Thin and/ or irregular hair growth of the eyebrows is completely corrected with permanent makeup. This creates a smooth and even eyebrow. Scars in the eyebrows can be camouflaged with permanent eyebrows. Have you tweezed your eyebrows too much in the past, permanent makeup will make your eyebrows look perfect again. Furthermore, it is possible to pigment natural eyebrows with the hairstroke technique. Hair is pigmented on the skin. This technique is also very suitable for people with alopeacia aerata. Read more.

Permanent eyeliner provides you with a natural glance

By applying permanent eyeliner, and using different color settings, the appearance of the eyes can be changed and embellished. With the eyeliner the pigment is also applied between the eyelashes. It gives a natural and full glance. In this way, eyes that are either too large or too small can be proportioned with the rest of the face. For beautiful eyes, without having to worry about your makeup fading. It is also possible to apply a design eyeliner. Read more.

Beautifully shaped lips with a permanent lipliner

With the lip contours, permanent makeup can give you a natural replenishment or an extra accent. It will make your lips look fuller. Permanent liploner can be devided in the normal application of the lipliner, shaded liplinder and full lips. Read more.



In the Industry it is called Scalp Micropigmentation, 3D Scalp Pigmentation, hair tattoo, micro hair pigmentation or stubble tattoo. It all comes down to the same. In the US it already is an accepted alternative for wigs, hair pieces and hair transplantation. Moreover, it can be a great addition after hair transplantation. Read more.


I’ve wanted to become an self-employed entrepreneurs for years. After years in the corporate industry, I can do something to help people with their hair problem myself. To become the best specialist in Scalp Micropigmentation I wanted to be trained by one of the the best specialists in this field. Read more.