Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is THE way to tattoo your eyebrows, eyeliner and lipliner so you can always have your perfect look. This is ideal under all circumstances. You can visit our salon near Amsterdam!
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The salon for permanent makeup is located in Landsmeer (Amsterdam region). We also work by appointment at other locations in the Netherlands. I refer you to the BeauSense website, for more information about the salon.
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Mandy Jelsma

My name is Mandy Jelsma, owner of Beausense. I am, among other things, specialized in permanent makeup and will be responsible for your beauty. My salon is located in Landsmeer.
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  • Super happy with my eyebrows! It was really exciting, but I wouldn't want in any other way. Thanks Mandy (translated)

  • The permanent eyeliner is really super beautiful. Thank you sweet Mandy! (translated)

  • So happy with my new eyebrows. Because of Mandy's expertise! She gives advices and sees what suits your face best. Really happy! Thank you!!! (translated)

The Ease
Give yourself the luxury of professionally applied permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is THE way to tattoo your eyebrows, eyeliner or lipliner, to have them always perfectly styled. This is ideal under all circumstances. Never struggle with your makeup when you’re in a hurry, when you’re on vacation, during sports or at any other time. Take a look at our portfolio, for before and after photos of satisfied customers.
The Technique
The technique for permanent makeup is actually very simple. With an ultra-thin and sterile needle, a special, safe pigment is applied just below the skin’s surface. Because the needle is so thin, a very precise treatment is possible. The safe pigments are always color-resistant. Thus it will keep its color. The results of the permanent makeup are the natural hairstrokes and full lips.
Safe and reliable
Together we will discuss which color pigments will be the most beautiful for you, in advance. The pigments that are used are under control of the Keuringsdienst van Waren (a dutch inspection service) and they are approved and safe. To apply permanent makeup, workmanship and reliable equipment is required. The tattooing of the eyebrows, lipliner and eyeliner is carefully done by the specialist.
The Specialist
Your specialist, Mandy Jelsma, has followed a solid and recognized education. Besides, Mandy is regularly educated in the latest insights and techniques in the field of permanent makeup. Mandy also has all the required certificates. Mandy and BeauSense work with a pigmentation device which stands for safety and reliability. In addition, the equipment is extremely secure.


Our sense, your beauty

Besides permanent makeup, we are also skin specialists in the field of anti-aging and several skin problems. These include, acne, pigment disorders, couperose, rosacea and general skin improvement.

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News about Permanent Makeup

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